Equipment Leasing

Equipment Leasing

Qualification for Leasing

2 Years Trading

ABN GST Registered

Clear Credit History

Director Guaranteeing or Proprietor to own a property (Not used as security)

* Applicants who meet the above criteria will be considered without the need to provide financials for their business however they are still subject to credit approval

Benfits of Leasing

Conserve your cash! We purchase the equipment you need allowing you to use you\r money elsewhere to generate more business or purchase more stock rather than having it tied up in equipment that depreciates in value.

Fixed monthly rental payments over the duration of the Rental Agreement allow you to fix your budget and 100% of the rental payments may be tax deductible

* Please check your individual circumstances with your financial advisor 

At the end of the Rental Agreement you have the flexibility to do what best suits you at the time.

 You can upgrade to the latest equipment and return the old equipment to us.
 You can extend the Rental Agreement and continue to rent the equipment that you have.
 You can purchase the equipment from us.

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